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Local Heroes – Trader Commercial Terms November 2023

1. Labour Rate: as identified on each quote/hour excluding VAT

This is the maximum hourly rate you may charge customers, but you may charge less. You may also charge a fixed price for work.

The maximum hourly rate varies by region, trade and whether or not you are VAT registered. For more information on maximum rates, please contact us.

2. VAT

You are legally obligated at all times to charge the customer the correct amount of VAT for materials and services if you are VAT registered and for payment of your VAT to the Office of Revenue Commissioners (“Revenue”). If you are VAT registered, you are required to advise us of your VAT registration number and at all times of any changes to that number or your VAT status.

You further acknowledge and accept that when we prepare invoices on your behalf, we will be using the VAT rates based on the guidelines set out by the Revenue to calculate the VAT applicable for each job undertaken. It is solely your responsibility to notify us in writing if you require any changes to be made to the VAT rates during the course of your registration with Local Heroes or if you believe an error has been made.

By signing up to these terms you acknowledge and accept that full liability for charging the correct amount of VAT, and for paying VAT to the Revenue is solely yours and you will fully indemnify Bord Gáis Energy Limited from any and all VAT errors (including but not limited to any claims arising from either a customer or from the Revenue and any costs, expenses, fines or penalties issued against you at any time) that may occur in connection with any work you carry out in connection with Local Heroes.

3. Local Heroes Introducer Fee:

This is the fee Local Heroes will charge for every job completed by you.

We will take an Introducers Fee from the total bill (including VAT) on the tiered basis set out below and will pay the remaining balance to you per the payment terms below.

Standard Job Fees (Plumbing, Electrical, Oil, Locksmith, Drainage)

  • Jobs ≤ €500 = 20% Introducers Fee
  • Jobs ≥ €500 - €1,500 = 15% Introducers Fee
  • Jobs ≥ €1,500 - €3,000 = 10% Introducers Fee
  • Jobs ≥ €3,000 = €300 Introducers Fee

Standard Job Fees (BER)

  • Jobs ≤ €300 = 10% Introducers Fee
  • Jobs > €300 = 7.5% Introducers Fee

We will send you a VAT invoice for the Introducer Fee when we pay you.

We reserve the right to change the Introducer Fee and will notify you of such changes in accordance with clause 16 of the Trader Terms of Use . If you no longer wish to use the service after this time, please do not accept any more jobs through the platform and notify us.

4. Payments and invoicing

Subject to clause 3 above, funds will be transferred to you, less our Introducer Fee, via our third-party payment provider Stripe. Such payment will be transferred to you as soon as is reasonably practicable on condition that:

4.1 the job has been completed to the satisfaction of the customer,

4.2 you have uploaded via the job on such digital images as are required by BGE to demonstrate that the Services have been undertaken and completed to our satisfaction (at our absolute discretion); and

4.3 Stripe is in clear funds from the customer.

We are not obligated to make payment (in whole or in part) to you should the customer fail to pay monies to Stripe in connection with the job. You are contracting with the customer directly and you acknowledge and accept that we are not liable to you for any part, or all of the, payment due to you in connection with the job.

If we are unable to collect full payment from the customer within 28 days of the date of the repair, we will pass the outstanding invoice over for you to collect the debt and will waive our Introducer Fee on the remaining balance.

5. Disputed payments

You will notify us in writing if you dispute any payment (along with a reasonably detailed description of the dispute) within 12 months from the date of payment. Payment for which no such timely notification is received shall be treated as accepted by you as being true and correct. We shall seek to resolve all such disputes expeditiously and in good faith, however you should first exhaust all possible recovery routes directly with the customer you entered into the contract with.

Please review our Complaints Handling Policy and provided on the Platform for more information.

6. Set off

We may, at any time, against any liability, from us to you and arising under these terms, set off any liability which we reasonably believe to be due from you to us (under these terms and whether the exact amount of such liability has been finally determined).

7. Energy Credits

All energy credits attributable to any job completed by you under the Local Heroes initiative are assigned to BGE. You agree to sign any documentation necessary to assign such energy credits to BGE if required.

8. Fraud and complaints

Where we know or suspect there has been fraudulent payment activity or customer complaints in relation to services you have provided, we reserve the right to withhold payment whilst we investigate.

Please review our Complaints Handling Policy and provided on the Platform for more information.