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Information Transparency Policy

Local Heroes collects and uses data from you or as a result of making your services available on the Local Heroes website.

Some of this data is personal data as defined and regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). For details of how we use your personal data, please see our Trader Privacy Policy. You can also access details about how we use customers’ personal data by looking at our privacy policy.

This policy relates to the use of data which is not personal data.

How are jobs allocated?

Jobs are offered to all Heroes in the relevant area. Jobs are allocated based on which heroes have said they are available and who’s waited the longest.

Differentiated treatment

All Heroes contract with us on the same terms and no individual trader receives differentiated treatment from us.

Data collection

As a result of working with you and running the Local Heroes website, we collect and use certain data which is not personal data. By way of example this includes:

  1. information collected to vet traders before they are offered jobs;
  2. website transaction and browsing data;
  3. content of correspondence with traders and customers; and
  4. feedback from customers about the traders.

We keep this data secure and retain it for as long as it is useful to us commercially, which may include after your contract with us comes to an end.

We will not share any of this information with you or any other trader on our Local Heroes website. From time to time we will share data which does not identify you or anyone else and is not personal data as defined by GDPR with third parties. We do not offer you the opportunity to opt out of this sharing.